Cakes and Punches

Yay it’s Sunday!

Ok, so Sunday is “cheat” day where I get to eat what I want. Thing is, I’m so into my diet I don’t want to waste calories on rubbish food so other than my nan’s Sunday dinner I’ll still be being good today. I’ve discovered “Tom Kha Gai” soup which is super tasty and low in calories so a great diet food. You can add mushrooms and spring onions too it to fill up the substance and also add rice noodles which make it really yummy. The noodles do bulk up the calories but still less than 500 calories per meal and can see you through a good 4/5 hours. My days meals now consist of:

Breakfast: 2 cups of tea

Lunch: Low calorie soup

Dinner: Meat and vegetables.

General rule is no food after 6pm. If i do feel the hunger pangs I will have a half a pitta bread with some home made hummous.

I feel really great these days, even with a handful of a 9 month old little girl so I’m also getting plenty of exercise :)

Happy Sunday folks! 



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Today has been lovely!

Ok, so Sundays aren’t my favourite day but today has been particularly nice :) I had an omelette for breakfast and a gorgeous Sunday lunch down my grans house. For supper now I’ve had a tuna sandwich with wholemeal bread.

For May’s breakfast I made her peach and banana puree with baby rice to thicken it up. She had nans sunday lunch too and for tea she had pear and apple puree with natural yoghurt.

I’m planning a veggie curry tomorrow so I’m looking at recipes on they have a lot of amazing looking stuff so take a look!

Morning world!

Being on a diet has changed the way I feel completely. I’m no longer tired in the mornings but I think that’s attributed to giving up drinking as well. I’ve cut right down on red meat and upped my veggie intake considerably. Also adding meat substitutes like quorn and tofu to my meals. It’s opened my eyes to wonderful, tasty healthy meals that before I never thought about because meat was the main thing in my meal and everything else was just an accompaniment. Now, the entire dish is important to me and another driving force is Mayer. I want her to grow up with a healthy view of eating and pave the way so she continues to cook and eat healthily and not binge on fast food or convenience foods.

Gosh I’m busy!

Breakfast yesterday was banana porridge for May and I had a banana. I’ve never been a huge fan of bananas but lately I’ve been fancying them. 

I took Mayer down my mums house and she’d made lovely beef stew so I had some of that. Very tasty too. Low fat, low salt so all good and all of my five a day in one meal. Bargain!

Mayer had Caribbean stew made by organix and some yoghurt.

Tea time Mayer had 2 pots of frozen meals I made the other day. One was carrot, sweet potato and squash and the other was potato, broccoli and peas. I mixed it with some mild cheese and some philadelphia and down the hatch :)

 I made chicken curry from scratch using morrisons mild curry powder. I added a tin of chopped tomatoes and a onion chopped finely in the blender and some low fat yoghurt to make it nice and creamy and I ate it with cabbage instead of rice. Really, really nice. It’s amazing what you can cut out of your diet if you just use a little imagination!

Nom nom nom!

The Tagine was a huge success! Really tasty and low in fat too! I slow cooked it for about 5 hours and the lamb just fell apart. Here is the recipe again in case you missed it before

I would implore you to try it and change what you dont like cos I did :)

Day 4 Breakfast and Lunch

I’ve been super busy today what with getting the tagine ready and making my baked beans so I’m only now getting on here so I’m going to combine breakfast and lunch into one post.

This morning mayer had bulger, yoghurt, peach and banana. Nice and fresh. Yumm!! I had coffee. Oopsy.

For lunch I had an oat, rasberry and yoghurt smoothie. Lots of goodness.

And for lunch mayer had chicken and red pepper risotto out of a jar (boo).

Like i said I’ve been super busy running around and I’ve been out all afternoon so only now sitting down

Lamb tagine made by yours truly!

Lamb tagine made by yours truly!

Oh happy day

So, I’m a single mum and i think I do a bloody good job. I make sure my daughter is loved (lots of cuddles and kisses :), clean, well fed in a healthy nutritious manner and well dressed. My home is clean and tidy, all my washing is done. I have my flaws though! I tend to have areas in my home of clutter and I detest it. My problem is I have no storage space. Draws etc to keep the clutter. My attic is also a bedroom so I can’t just lob everything up there. I hate spending money on things I don’t get to enjoy but I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and hit Ikea for some storage solutions.